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Please contact us through: but read the appropriate section first:

What is is an international website focused on the best books for business.

General Enquiries

Wherever possible we will help on general enquiries that are not answered on the website. We do not pass e-mail or other address information on to any third party without your specific permission unless such information is already in the public domain (e.g. on your own website). We do not sell books directly: all books are available through online booksellers such as Amazon.


Advertising (image or text) is accepted on most web pages. Rates are negotiated depending on quantity, time period and position.

Authors and Publishers

Books are accepted for review within a limited range of topics. You should provide a summary of the content before sending a review copy.

We are interested in helping to promote good books and are prepared to publish guest articles and chapter excerpts on a no-fee basis on either side. You retain your copyright but we require your formal permission to have the material on our website(s) for an unlimited period. This is a faster and more effective method of promotion than a book review.

Tips for effective chapter excerpts:

  • Length should be 750-1000 words per excerpt.
  • Several excerpts can be linked together on separate pages to provide a 'mini website'.
  • Content should be selected to capture readers' imagination quickly, want to read more and consider purchasing the book.
  • Content should be keyword rich to benefit from search engine traffic.
  • Ideally, excerpts should not be available elsewhere on the worldwide web. Search engines, such as Google, discount material they regard as duplicate content.

Books must be available from at least one branch of Amazon.

We reserve the right to refuse any item without explanation and will not publish anything that is defamatory, discriminatory, illegal, overtly political, religious or sexual in nature.


We welcome suggestions for reciprocal links with good quality, content-rich sites. Links that are not reciprocated will be deleted.

You may also link freely to any specific article on our websites (deep-linking). However, we would appreciate you NOT framing articles since this invalidates some of the advertisements we carry. In other words, you would be depriving us of income that contributes to the cost of maintaining the websites.

Content Partners

We are interested in developing long-term relationships with other websites that offer related content or services. Exploratory e-mails are welcome.

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