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The Dawn of Human Culture
by Richard G. Klein
  Some fifty thousand years ago Homo sapiens, the newest branch of a long and varied tree of evolved apes, suddenly developed a remarkable range of new talents. These people–whose primitive stone culture had previously been little different from that of their ancestors–began painting. They invented music and the instruments to play it. They fashioned jewelry and clothing, created fishing poles and tackle as well as bows and arrows, constructed the oldest substantial houses, and buried their dead with ritual and ceremony. This creative explosion, occurring over such a remarkably short period, has been called the "big bang" of human culture.
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People of the Earth: An Introduction to World Prehistory with CD (10th Edition)

by Brian M. Fagan
  This comprehensive book tells a narrative story of human prehistory to a reader with little or no archaeological experience or background. Designed to show how today's diverse humanity developed biologically and culturally over millions of years and against a background of constant climatic change, it treats all areas of the world evenly, and covers all periods of prehistory from human origins to the appearance of literate civilizations.
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